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Gary Lee Price and his Harriett Tubman Bronze Sculpture
Topics & Perspectives

GARY LEE PRICE: Sculpting Spirit into Bronze Statues

Gary Lee Price wants you to sit a spell. To take a load off your feet. To sidle up on …

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Spirituality and Social Justice

In today’s polarized society, we might find common ground if we can find common spiritual values and principles. I don’t mean religious beliefs or theology. I mean the deepest values shared by all spiritual traditions, …

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From Grand to Grand-Tastic

Want to improve your mood? Connect with your grandchildren! Yes, it’s that simple. Studies show that when grandparents develop and nurture strong bonds with their grandchildren, everybody wins. It gives adults a sense of purpose, …

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News & Views for June

PICKLEBALL, PICKLEBALL, PICKLEBALL! Pickleball is the fastest-growing sport for all ages. Go root for the competitors at the Pro Pickleball Association’s Texas Open. The tournament will feature professional men’s and women’s singles, doubles, and mixed …

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Understanding Cat Behaviors

Understanding Your Cat’s Behavior

What does it mean when your furry feline friend puffs its tail? What’s the best way to handle your cat’s neuroticism? Why is your kitty scratching up all your furniture? Cats have darn good reasons …

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Van on a Road Trip

Why Take a Road Trip: Five Benefits

On a recent road trip up the California coast, my husband and I recalled the many road trips we’d taken as kids. I came from a family of five kids; he was one of a …

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Pear la Fleur — Designed for fyi50+

I created this unique cocktail to pair with Rebecka Evans’s delicious Dutch Baby recipe. Because of the rich taste of the Dutch Baby, I decided to complement it with a light, refreshing, effervescent gin cocktail. …

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Notes on Texas

By Barbara Glass ~ I wasn’t born in Texas, but I moved here as fast …

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Grey Divorce on the Rise

What do Al Gore, Bill Gates, and Jeff Bezos all have in common? They are …

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Ditch Big Cities for the Smaller Towns

By: Noreen Kompanik ~ As we slowly ease our way out of this pandemic, travelers …

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The Heritage Table in Frisco Welcomes You Home for Dinner

In the heart of old Frisco, right beyond the railroad tracks, sits a beautiful, green-painted …

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