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Texas Country Reporter Bob Phillips and His Wife Kelli
Life & Lifestyle

Bob Phillips: Traveling the Backroads of Texas

Texas Country Reporter Bob Phillips Reminds Us “Everyone Has a Story”.  (See “Bob’s Best Quick Trips from DFW” at the …

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Affording Underserved Communities Clinical Trial Access to Solve the Alzheimer’s Crisis

The effects of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) on families across the U.S. are devastating. An estimated 6.2 million Americans aged 65 and older are living with AD. And, barring the development of novel therapies and cures, …

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Are You Sabotaging Your Family?

How to Put Your Affairs in Order.  Most people don’t intend to make things difficult for their families. Indeed, most mature adults I speak with emphatically say they don’t want to be a burden. Despite …

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The Empowerment of Saying “No”

How many times in our life have we slid into disappointment, sadness, or even anger upon hearing that simple little word, “No”? How often have we grudgingly said “Yes,” when our heart, mind, and good …

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Trust Your Inner Guidance System on Your Next Adventure

Enjoying a fabulous Spanish meal under a fig tree while two waiters serenaded us with opera songs? Watching the solar eclipse mirrored in a crystalline lake in the Rockies? Discovering a falconry exhibition in a …

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We’re Having a Yard Sale. What Was I Thinking?

Over a few too many glasses of wine, two friends and I chatted about our surgeries and our various health problems like sailors comparing tattoos. We drifted into the “What next?” phase and decided to …

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Grey Divorce on the Rise

What do Al Gore, Bill Gates, and Jeff Bezos all have in common? They are all baby boomers who divorced after 20 or more years of marriage: Al Gore’s marriage ended after 40 years, Bill …

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