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In most homes, not only are there our beloved human family members, but there are also our precious animal family members. They are an important part of the dynamics and glue that help define the family. But sadly, there are many animals that don’t have the love of a family. They reside in shelters, unknown of their fate, or roam and scavenge hoping to survive the elements and see the next day.

With the rise in popularity of social media, the local concerns of abandoned and stray animals became a priority for the members of DALLAS DOGRRR, a 2015-formed animal rescue. The plight and stories of neglected, abandoned, and abused dogs stabbed our soul with the pain of a jagged knife to our heart. Even when the wound healed, the scar remains to remind us of its history.

Fast forward, three years. The all-volunteer organization has saved more than 3,500 animals from the streets and shelters of Texas. For many of these animals DALLAS DOGRRR is their final hope, and their last chance at safety and comfort.Ruby was just a puppy when she was Code Red at a local shelter. Given minimal time to be rescued due to her bloody mange and extremely low red blood cell count, we acted on instinct and immediately went to pick her up. She needed blood transfusions, IV fluids, and someone to care. After more than two weeks of hospitalization and thousands of dollars in medical bills, she left the hospital and entered her foster home.

Foster homes are the animals’ lifelines. They are the bridge between being lost, and being found. DALLAS DOGRRR is a 100% foster-based rescue. Without our volunteers opening up their hearts and homes, we would have no place for the rescued animals to go. Many of our animals haven’t experienced the comfort of a dry, safeshelter. Foster homes allow them to socialize with both humans and other animals so they can properly adjust to a home situation which improves their chance for adoption.

As the organization has grown, we have been able to expand our outreach program, doing what we do best, Rescue, Rehab, and Reform. By supporting the community, the municipal shelters, and simply talking with families that need help caring for their pets, we are making a difference.

DOGRRR will continue to be the voice for the unwanted, for the broken, for the abandoned and do what others call impossible… no matter the cost.

Every animal deserves a chance at a happy and loving home, and we will continue saving as many as we possibly can.

If you know someone who needs our help, would like to be a volunteer, or is looking for their forever fur baby, please reach out to us at

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