Colombian Coffee in Bogota

Do you ever feel like there is so much travel to be had and so little time?  I sure do!  Hence, I live in a world of random and spur of the moment!  This last summer was my epic 55th birthday.  I decided five days before my birthday I was going to cross off of my “to do” list having Colombian coffee in Colombia!

I consulted my *Rome2Rio App, a must have for travel, and found a direct flight out of my airport.  Next thing I knew, my passport was in my hand, my cute travel shoes on and I was out the door!

Next stop, Bogota, Colombia!

Coffee and empanadas

My delicious coffee journey began once I left Bogota customs.  There is a lovely café in the airport with spectacular coffee and empanadas!  The epicurean journey started off fabulously!

When I travel, I really enjoy hanging with the locals and I befriended a few at the airport.  They loved the idea I came to their part of the world to specifically indulge in their delicious coffee.  And delicious it is!

When you arrive in an international city, I have learned to take a small amount of money and change into local money at the airport.  It helps with things like tips and bus fare etc.  Once I hit the town, I find a cash machine that matches the logos on my card, so there are minimal fees incurred.

A big word of caution — HAVE A SEPARATE TRAVEL ACCOUNT AND TRAVEL CARD.  I have known too many travelers that have had all their money compromised while on vacation.

The exchange rate in Bogota is phenomenal.  I stayed at a 5-star hotel. My room was beautiful that included complimentary happy hour and breakfast the next morning all for $32. Such a deal.

Continuing my coffee quest, my Uber driver dropped me at his favorite café in downtown Bogota. I spent most of the afternoon savoring my delicious cups of coffee and scrumptious pastries enjoying my beautiful surroundings.

Golden Museum

Bogota is a very hip metropolitan city, where the locals dress in business attire and spend happy hour sipping Poker cerveza, tequila and snacking on nachos and empanadas.

While in Bogota one of my go-to stops was to visit the golden museum high atop the only mountain side in Bogota.  You literally take a gondola up and down the side of a mountain.  The experience and the views are spectacular.

I highly recommend visiting Bogota to enjoy their delicious coffee and experience the sights, sounds and people.

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