Your Pet’s Seasonal Allergies

Woohoo, spring!

Ah yes, the longer and warmer days, the budding trees, the blossoming flowers, the fresh green grass…the sneezing, the itching, the scratching and the skin biting…I am referring to your 4-legged companions, here.

While, I always want to encourage plenty of exercise and long walks for your pets, especially now that it is warmer, with that often comes allergy issues. Perhaps YOU are purchasing your preferred hay fever remedy too, but many dogs, and even some cats, experience the same discomfort in spring time. So, watch for excessive licking and scratching (Sometimes that along with self-biting indicate the flea population is alive and well to terrorize another year so absolutely get your furry friends back on their flea preventive if it lapsed during the winter).

Many light-skinned/light-coated pups react negatively to grass and pollens so if Fido and Fifi start exhibiting the above behaviors take them to the vet and see exactly what you are dealing with.

Sometimes it means shorter walks, avoiding prolonged periods in the grass and a little less time outdoors in general until the pollens have blown away and new grasses have matured.

Sometimes a prescription antihistamine is prescribed – Personally, I’ve even had the OTC product, children’s Benadryl prescribed but let the vet decide! Just don’t let your fur baby suffer and perhaps even get the dreaded “hot spots” which can lead to pain, infection and fur loss. Spring is a wonderful time of rebirth and renewal. We are energized and filled with new possibilities. Make sure the WHOLE family enjoys it as much as you do.


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