Wait, Is That My Phone Ringing?

I have friends who never answer their cell phone. Eventually they will return my call and the reason they most often give for not answering is that they never heard their phone ring. They say they either can’t hear the phone ring or think it’s someone else’s. And they don’t want to go out and buy one of those “old people” phones with the giant numbers just to hear the ringtone.

I understand. But it is interesting that there are phones that ring as loud or louder than those “old people” phones. I’ve seen numbers for “old people” phones’ ringtones in the 80 – 85db (decibel) range, somewhere near the volume of city traffic. Phones like the HTC, Pixel 2, Nokia 8, Razr 2 ring in the 88 – 91db range, somewhere in the volume of lawnmowers, power tools and blenders.

Unfortunately, big sound can cost big bucks and some of these alternatives run as high as $700.

There are more affordable options.

Your existing cell phone may contain specific ringtones that are louder than others. Scroll through and listen to all of them.

Go back to your phone store and make sure you’ve explored all volume options available for your model. In addition to the volume setting, there might be adjustments for indoor or outdoor environments.

Search your app store for high volume, loud, super loud, loud, very loud or extra loud ringtones.

Install the most user-friendly app and pick a tone that you can hear clearly.

For the more technologically adept, search for volume or equalizer apps that circumvent the limitations put on a phone’s sound output. Read the guidelines carefully because some only boost the sound of music played or conversation volume.

If you are successful at cranking up your ringtone, make sure you select one that won’t be embarrassing when it blares earsplittingly during lunch with your daughter-in-law. Not everyone appreciates amplified turkey calls in the middle of their club sandwich.

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