Sweet Treats Abound at Specialty Popsicle Gelateria

If you’re looking for something cold and sweet to beat the heat this summer, Popbar, now open in Richardson off of Central Expressway, is definitely the place to check out.

Popbar is a non-traditional popsicle franchise that first opened in New York’s West Village. Unlike the classic popsicle, which uses ice cream as a base, Popbar uses Gelato to create a denser, richer product that is full of flavor. Alongside their “popGelato” popsicle, Popbar offers “popSorbetto” — a lactose-free, fruit-based popsicle — and “yogurtPop,” a yogurt-based popsicle. All the pops are gluten-free and made from natural, preservative-free ingredients.

During my visit, I tried each type of popsicle, but their assortment of 40 flavors, five chocolate dippings, and 15 toppings made it hard to settle on one of the countless combinations possible. So, I chose two of their popular combinations: chocolate-dipped strawberry popSorbetto and chocolate-and-caramel popcorn popGelato. I took the plunge and personalized my own vanilla yogurtPop with white chocolate dip and a Captain Crunch cereal topping. There are so many textures and sensations at Popbar, anyone can customize a popsicle to their own unique taste.

Popbar also offers gelato-sandwich “popWiches,” mini-sized “popBites,” and decadent gelato shakes. Their gelato shakes come in six different flavors and are definitely worth a try: the drink ever so gently melts in your mouth as you sip from the milk jug-style bottles. A chocolate dipped waffle cone overflowing with whipped cream awaits at the top of the bottle as you finish your drink.

The entire shop holds a friendly ambiance. Each of their workers has an awesome attitude and a great smile, which provides an even more enjoyable experience. The endless possibilities make Popbar a place you’ll want to visit multiple times with all of your friends and family.

Visit Popbar at 746 S Central Expressway #110, Richardson, TX 75080.

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