Start Playing the Exciting Sport of Pickleball


Many people turn their heads when they first hear the word Pickleball. It’s a funny name for a trendy sport.

Though it’s been played since the 1960s, it is growing more popular every year. You play on a miniature tennis court, with paddles similar to what you use in ping-pong. But the ball is larger, more like a whiffle ball.

Today, more than 3 million people in the United States consider themselves pickleball players. It is excellent for any age — college students, retirees, and even families with little ones!

Participation in pickleball requires a few easy-to-learn skills, but that doesn’t stop anyone from playing the game for the social and fitness factor. And it’s convenient, too; you can play the game at the park or the nearest recreation center.

You may not know how to play, and that’s okay! Experienced pickleball players welcome newcomers and will help teach you the game, providing an overview of the rules and tips for improving your technique.

But how do you know where to play? The USA Pickleball Association (USAPA) has a website to help future pickleball enthusiasts find places no matter where you are in the country. You can also visit to search for play areas around your city.

Now that you know where you play, you need to find a friend (or three, to play doubles) and some equipment. Beginners can search on Amazon for affordable paddles and balls in one package.

Most players use paddles with a polymer core, because they provide a more controlled and powerful shot. But wood paddles are also common types of paddle.

So get a paddle in your hand and try your skills at pickleball. You never know — it may be just the sport for you!

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