Mila Says: Enjoy Laughter League at Home

Mila Vincent, our intrepid 5-year-old theater critic, hasn’t been able to go out and see shows with her grandmother, Johannah Luza, during the coronavirus pandemic.
But Mila is happy to report that one of her favorite companies, Laughter League, which presented The Petite Palace last year, is streaming shows for FREE on Facebook. Even though our dynamic duo is watching from home, Mila has kept up her tradition of dressing for the theater. Here are their reviews.
Mila: I got to see Slappy and Monday last summer at The Petite Palace.  Since I have to stay home for a while ‘til the Big Germ goes away, I’ve been watching some videos and watched one of theirs. They are part of the Laughter League.  I dressed up like a clown to watch it and my little sister started laughing at me!  Slappy and Monday are funny and they play instruments and act really silly.  Let your kids watch them, so your kids don’t get bored staying home! It’s a good idea!
Johannah:  Kids who like clowns will love seeing the videos from The Laughter League. Some of the clowns go to hospitals around the country and perform for the children. They are a group of dedicated performers who love to make children laugh.  With all the anxiety parents are feeling, it’s a great time to entertain the kids with laughter and the Laughter League does just that!  Plenty of videos to watch!
CLICK HERE to enjoy all the antics of the Laughter League!
On Facebook: Laughter League @foundationforlaughterleague

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