The Kindness of the Theatre Community

By Nancy Churnin, Mila Vincent, Shayna Vincent & Johannah Luza ~

Mila can’t go outside to see theater with her grandmother, Johannah, while we are staying home to reduce the spread of Covid-19. Mila has to be extra careful, even at home, because her mother, Shayna Vincent, has a weakened immune system from battling breast cancer. Still, Mila’s theater friends found a way to connect with her. Costume designer (and playwright and director) Bruce Coleman, one of many members of the theater community making face masks for first responders and all who need them, mailed Mila this beautiful mask (with additional ones for her family members).

Here’s what Mila has to say about it:

Mila:  I can’t see any plays or events right now because of that bad germ that’s floating around everywhere, so I’m staying home helping take care of my mom. She has to get lots of shots and surgeries, but she’ll be better soon! Since she isn’t supposed to catch that germ, we have masks to wear that were made by the theater people (Bruce Coleman made Mila’s mask). I like all the different colors and think we should keep the masks even when the germ goes away just in case it comes back. I’ll be so happy when that germ is gone so I can start going to plays again with my Mimi!

Shayna (Mila’s mom): I think it’s wonderful the theater community is helping others the way they know how to best…by providing a little color to everyone’s day!

Johanna: I never realized how close the Dallas/Fort Worth theater community is to one another until I began attending plays with our little critic, Mila. I never realized how close the Dallas/Fort Worth theater community is to one another until I began attending plays with our little critic, Mila. As soon as this virus interrupted our daily lives, so many local actors not only lost their jobs in the theater but jobs they had on the side. One group immediately used their talents to create face masks that are not only beautiful but so comfortable! Their kindness has been a lifesaver for me, having a daughter with a weakened immune system from cancer. We are so grateful for the theater community coming to the rescue when help is needed!

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