Image of Tools Organized in a Garden Shed or Garage

How to Organize Garden Tools

Bring order to that garage or shed!

Ready to start digging in the dirt and planting in the garden? Getting organized begins with a plan and requires knowing who, what, where, and how your personal garden center will function – whether it be in a garage or shed.
Here are some tips to help you quickly find the tools you need.

Every Tool Type Should Have Its Own Zone

Create zones for each garden category, such as hand tools, rakes, gloves, seedlings, fertilizers, and so on. Place all like items together and prioritize their space by frequency of use and function.

Make Use of Garage / Shed Walls

Once you’ve established the zones, use vertical space for hanging long tools together.
Your long-handled tools, such as rakes, hoes, and shovels, can hang vertically on the wall with a tool organizer found at box stores, or you can search the Internet for instructions on creating your own.

Create Containers for Tools Out Of Repurposed Items

Repurpose items into containers to easily organize gardening tools:

• Turn an old wheelbarrow into a mobile garden cart. Place a divided container in the middle to house garden gloves, small pots, etc.

• Use a shower caddy as a garden carry-all. Fill it with clippers, gloves, seedlings, etc.

• Mount an assortment of baskets on the garden wall to house lightweight items, such as tissues, sunscreen, etc.

Utilize a Potting Bench

Buy a potting bench, or create your own, to house and organize tools, potting soil, plants, and more. Hanging pegboards in the center of the potting bench will provide extra display space to hang items such as small gardening tools, glasses, small pots, or whatever else you’d like.

Designate a Space in the Garage / Shed for Gardening Equipment

Keep your potting soil, large pots, fertilizer, birdseed, and more in one spot. Installing shelving units in your garden zone will further increase your efficiency and functionality, as will utilizing wall space, cabinet sides, inside cabinet doors, and so on. Experiment with your space and create your own personalized organizational system.
Happy gardening, friends! Remember to lather on the sunscreen and wear a protective hat!
Happy organizing,

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