New Tools from the Social Security Administration

We all know the old saying, “I am from the Government and I am here to help.” Without question, this applies to the Social Security Administration — they really do want to keep you informed about how Social Security can support your lifestyle in retirement.
I asked David Freitag to review two new resources from the Social Security Administration to help keep workers informed about their benefits as COVID-19 swirls across the country.
The newest resource from the Social Security Administration (SSA) explicitly addresses how recent changes caused by the COVID pandemic. Click on this link, which will take you to the SSA’s website. Provide your email address to subscribe. You can expect to see frequent updates about how to interact with your local Social Security Office.
Because of the pandemic, local Social Security offices have been closed to the general pubic. However, these employees are still working and can answer general questions on the phone. You might have better luck contacting the local office than contacting the national 800 number.
This second link for the SSA’s website takes you to the blog articles. You can find it here.
Each week the Social Security Office publishes helpful, easy-to-read articles with important information about different topics. The most recent blog articles cover access to telephone support, information about disability benefits, the redesign of the retirement portal, setting up a myAccount, and how to keep your Social Security Account secure and safe from thieves.
The SSA’s website is filled with helpful information about your Social Security benefits, and these two links are no different. Give them a look and subscribe today.
Access the Social Security Administration’s website at

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