Organized Medical Records Can Be a Life-Saving Solution

My roommate’s family recently shared some of their experiences involving her hospitalizations, along with how they had been recording important facts, medicines, doctors, and more.
I was impressed. I marveled at how fortunate my roommate was to have a family that advocated and provided for her.
Her family kept a current, organized record of her medical information. And they had that information readily available for others to review.
This proved to be a saving grace for them when an emergency medical situation arose!
As a Professional Organizer, I take note of the way people use methods, processes, and systems — and recognize the benefits of having such a system in place. As one family member mentioned to me, if his mother’s medical information hadn’t been current, organized, and recorded, he wouldn’t have detected the medical issues contributing to her deteriorating health conditions. GAME CHANGER for saving this woman’s life!
Remember to keep your medical plan simple and up to date. Ensure other family members where you store this information, and how to access it. You can easily make health changes in a document on your computer.
If you’re using a paper system, invest in a portable file box that is “grab and go” ready. Using hanging file folders and tab dividers, alphabetically label files related to doctor, medical condition, and so on.
What type of plan do you have in place for accessing your medical records? I urge everyone to keep a current medical history for yourself and every family member! Whether you post information online, in a medical records document, or in a paper notebook, start now and remember to keep all information current… it could save your life!
Happy organizing,

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