MILA BOOKSIT: Hanukkah Bear

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If there’s one thing five-year-old critic Mila Vincent loves as much as reviewing theater, it’s reviewing books! Mila also loves the holidays. Her new column, #MilaBooksIt, features a tasty review of Hanukkah Bear, a book by Eric A. Kimmel, illustrated by Mike Wohmoutka, that Mila received from PJ Library Dallas.

“Hanukkah Bear”

Authors: Eric A. Kimmel

Illustrator: Mike Wohnoutka

Publisher: Holiday House Books 

Mila:  Bubba Brayna is 97 years old, and every year at Hanukkah, she makes latkes for the Rabbi and her friends…but she doesn’t hear or see as well as she used to. When she hears a knock at the door, she thinks it’s the Rabbi. But it’s a big bear who woke up from hibernating, and wow, is he hungry!
Bubba Brayna lets him in and says, “You’re early Rabbi but let me take your coat.” She grabs the back of the bear’s fur and tugs and tugs, trying to get it off. The bear growls, and she tells him that’s ok. It’s cold so he can keep it on.
When the bear smells the latkes cooking, he walks to the stove and grabs one, and Bubba Brayna tells him he’s not supposed to eat until they light the menorah. The big bear growls all through the story, and Bubba Brayna thinks he is saying the blessings.
It’s so funny, and I like the pictures when they try to play dreidel. I won’t spoil it and tell you what happens at the end. But you should get it for your kids or grandkids, and I know you’ll laugh like my grandma and I did!
Johannah Luza (Mila’s grandma):  It is a really charming book, great story and funny even for adults!

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