Live Vibrantly!

With L.J. & Her Dog George Eliot

By L.J. Rohan | Review by Marlene Caraballo~
Live Vibrantly! is the perfect-sized book to keep on your nightstand for a little help waking up more hopeful for each day and going to bed feeling lighter. L.J. Rohan combines positive, humorous, over-50 commentary to complement the darling illustrations by Alex Mikev. It’s a petite book — perfect to carry with you, or to browse through whenever you need a pick-me-up.
The book features a cast of two in a cheerful illustra­tion on every page: Rohan, herself, and her energetic pup, George Elliot. Lighthearted and playful, the 106 pages of Live Vibrantly! re­mind us we’re never too old to enjoy a sense of humor and to have a bit of fun!

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