Creating Mindful Habits in Less Than 5 Minutes a Day

Do you crawl into bed at night wondering where the day went or how you spent your time? Have you arrived in your driveway only to realize you don’t actually remember most of the drive home?
Without being aware – or mindful – it’s easy to end up surprised at how much time has passed unconsciously.
“Mindfulness” may feel like another trend in the wellness craze, but its true meaning is quite simple: It refers to the act of being consciously aware in the present moment. The lack of presence makes it easy to live life on autopilot, but mindfulness can help you become consciously aware to enjoy life with more presence and joy.
Soaking up the sights and sounds as well as noticing feelings and thoughts in the moment can stimulate more enjoyment and peace in the routines of daily life. From stress relief to improved memory, the benefits of mindfulness offer value to all. Mindfulness requires no fancy equipment, and can be cultivated within your existing daily routine.
Use my simple tips below to start practicing today!

  • Mindful Coffee: Enjoy your morning java with more presence by noticing the taste, temperature, smell, and warmth of the coffee cup in your hand.
  • Mindful Walking: Notice at least five things on your next walk. This can be anything that keeps your mind focused on the present moment, from the way your feet hit the ground, to the sounds you hear, to the color of the trees and flowers .
  • Mindful Conversations: Use eye contact whether you’re in person or virtual. Focus on the conversation and truly listen without trying to think of a response or reaction. Allow the conversation to unfold without any expectation of the outcome.


With more in-the-moment awareness, you’ll feel focused and productive. You’ll find you truly enjoy your experiences. Mindfulness is a practice, and creating a habit takes time — about three months for many. (Sound a bit daunting? Remember you can’t get to three months without day one.) Start today using the tips above.
Keep practicing. Soon, mindfulness will feel like a natural part of your day.
Be present, stay mindful, and live well!

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