Make a New Family Tradition with Wine on Mother’s and Father’s Days

By Jeanne Savelle ~
No, this isn’t just another Mother’s Day wine list — you can find those everywhere on the internet. We decided to try something different.
Because wine is a beverage of both celebration and tradition, we encourage you to create a new family tradition.
Here are a dozen ideas for celebrating both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day with wine outside the four walls of your house.

  1. Visit a local and unfamiliar winery, wine bar, brewery, or cocktail lounge to taste something new. Explore the drinks and talk about what you like and don’t like.
  2. Plan a picnic at a lovely park or another outdoor spot. Create a beautiful picnic basket with easy-to-eat and tasty food. Add in a couple of bottles of water and wine.
  3. Create a fun, themed scavenger hunt in your backyard with the clues leading to the wine and food at the end.
  4. Go for a drive, a bike ride, or a walk. Destination: the house of a family member or friend. Have a nice bottle of Champagne or sparkling wine ready to share when you arrive. Arrange transportation back home if needed.
  5. Fish, hike, play golf, or have a croquet match. Once home, saber some sparkling wine, grill some fish and veggies, and vote on who performed best.
  6. Have a poetry brunch on the deck. Invite your parent’s friends, asking them each to bring a poem which best describes their friendship.
  7. Call or visit your local wine shop and ask for a wine created in your parent’s birth year. Then visit your local nursery to choose some plants for their house. Share the wine as you re-pot the plants into containers.
  8. Create a music and dance event. Pick a decade or mix the decades. Serve wines matching the times you’ve chosen. \
  9. Have your parent find a box of family photos so you can reminisce while sipping on a cool glass of wine. Decide which photos would create a nice photo collage or book.
  10. Buy a wine-making kit and make wine a group effort. Be sure to order ahead of time, so you can make it happen.
  11. Get a few bottles of wine from a historical family vineyard. Track the story of your family’s journey alongside theirs.
  12. Order custom wine bottles, labels, and wine. For the label, find a picture of your parent as a baby, newlywed, or new parent. Order enough to drink now and hold a few to age.

Take these ideas, massage them, combine them, make them your own.
Think about your parents’ lives, what they cherish, how they like to have fun, and who they like to spend time with. Create something special that will enrich them for the rest of their lives.
Or you can just drink all day in the house like you might have all last year.

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