Sparks Like Stars: A Novel

Written by Nadia Hashimi | Book Review by Colleen Devine Ellis ~
Ten-year-old Sitara Zalmani is the privileged, much-loved daughter of a prominent minister to Afghanistan’s president during the 1970s.
The world her father and other politicians are creating is an exciting time in history when education and progressive movements are the focus of government reforms. 
This burgeoning world is destroyed in April 1978 when communists stage a coup, assassinating most of the government including Sitara’s father along with her mother and baby brother.
Sitara escapes the besieged palace, but is now a wanted criminal even though she is just a child. The many friends her family had are either dead, imprisoned, or are now loyal to the communist party. Thus begins a long, arduous journey to freedom, during which Sitara meets two American women who risk their lives to help her escape the country and create a future.
This fast-paced, well-written novel brings new light to history unknown to most readers. Author Nadia Hashimi’s family is from Afghanistan, and she based Sitara’s story on real events that took place on the night of April 28, 1978, when the then-President of Afghanistan Sardar Mohammed Daoud Khan and his government were slaughtered by communist rebels.
Sitara’s riveting story will encourage readers to learn more about how these rending events have influenced the entire world in the 40 years since. 
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