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By: Laura Sutherland | Photo by: H.B. Frankel~
I love dogs, but I consider myself a cat person.
I’ve had cats my whole life! Lots of folks, however, don’t like our feline friends for a number of reasons.
Some are simply allergic, while others find them off-putting with their immutable looks and unpredictable behavior. And then there are those claws.
I’d argue cats are merely misunderstood, and would like everyone to consider the utter coolness of the oft misconstrued kitty-cat: The truth is, they are fascinating creatures.
According to researchers Emily Goodman and Wendy Rose Gould, cats’ and humans’ brains are very similar in structure. Both contain both grey and white matter, as well as similar regions and lobes. Cats have dreams just like we do, and they have both short-term and long-term memory functions.
According to pet expert Jackson Galaxy, “A cat’s peripheral vision occupies 200 degrees, which is 20 percent better than humans.” What’s more, cats don’t see well up close or at great distances, but once their prey is about 20 feet away, they become 100% accurate at honing in on and capturing it. If you have rewarded your kitty with a treat right under her nose, chances are she didn’t see it at all! Try tossing it slightly away from her instead.
Ever wonder why your feline loves crawling into tiny spaces and small boxes? Cats have free-floating collarbones, meaning their collarbones aren’t attached to anything. This allows them not only to run and jump in incredible ways but also to fit through openings as small as their heads. Cats love hiding in tightly enclosed spaces for the feeling of the security it brings.
You probably haven’t heard that cats love cantaloupe. Per pet coach Jodi Ziskin, “Although obligate carnivores, many cats love to eat cantaloupe. The main reason is many of the amino acids in meat are also in cantaloupe. So, to cats, cantaloupe smells like meat!” Who knew?
As for that famous slow blink: When a relaxed kitty looks at you and gives you a slow blink, she’s saying, “Hi there, wanna be friends?” The best thing you can do is give her a slow blink back. Voila, you’ve just made a new BFF!
Maybe you do like cats, but how do you know when a cat sincerely likes you back? Well, if your feline friend chooses to sit next to you or if she climbs into your lap and starts purring, she probably enjoys your company. If she rolls over and shows you her tummy or wants to sleep with you, that’s love!
If your kitty licks you with her slightly rough tongue, that’s also a surefire way to know she likes you. Head-butting and running to the door to great you with a slight curve in her tail are also signs of affection.
Cats are cool, right? If you’ve ever considered adopting one, now might be the purr-fect time.
For more information about adopting a cat, and to find your nearest adoption center, visit

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