MILA BOOKSIT: Mister Fairy

By: Mila Vincent and Johanna Luza | Photo by Shayna Vincent ~ 

Mila Vincent, our six-year-old book critic,loves books about fairies and had a special interest in this one after losing two teeth this year,  She enjoyed sharing this book with her grandmother, Johannah Luza, and she thinks you and your grandkids will love reading it together too.

Mister Fairy

Author: Morgane de Cadier

Illustrator: Florian Pige

Ages 4 – 8

Publisher: Red Comet Press

Mila:  The Tooth Fairy came to see me twice this year, so I like books about fairies. But they are all different. Mister Fairy had lots of fairy friends in the forest. One could turn everything pink. Another fairy could fix boo-boos. Mr. Fairy was really sad though. He didn’t think he could do anything. He said he was the most useless fairy in the forest. He was so sad he left the forest and flew to a big city. Then he found out what he could do when he waved his magic wand! If you read this book, you’ll find out too! It will make you happy!

Johannah:  Kids like fairies and this book won’t disappoint! Kids will be very curious to find out what makes Mr. Fairy special. It’s a fun story, the illustrations are eye-catching, and there’s a lesson that we all are special in our own way. Be sure to visit to download the activity book.

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