MILA BOOKSIT: Before We Sleep

By: Mila Vincent and Johanna Luza | Photo by Shayna Vincent ~ 

One of Mila’s favorite things about Before We Sleep is that she learned something new. Her Grandmother, Johannah Luza, did, too! Mila and her Grandmother loved this book, and they think you and your grandkids will, too.

Before We Sleep

Author: Giorgio Volpe

Illustrator: Paolo Proietti

Publisher: Red Comet Press

Mila:  I like this book. It is about a fox named Little Red and a mouse named Hazel. They’re best friends. They play hide-and-seek in the forest. When the leaves fall, they like to jump and play in them. But when winter comes, Little Red gets sad because Hazel is going to hibernate. Little Red tries to keep Hazel awake to play all winter, but Hazel is sleepy. If you read the book, you can find out if Little Red can keep her awake! But I’ll tell you one secret I found out from the book: Foxes don’t hibernate!

Johannah:  This is a beautiful book. Mila and I loved the illustrations of autumn and winter. We could almost feel the chill in the air when we looked at them. Besides being a sweet and touching story about friendship, it’s educational. Mila and I both learned something new, which is always a good thing! Cuddle up and enjoy it with your loved ones.

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