Mila Says: A Christmas Carol

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Mila, our six-year-old theater critic, was excited to see A Christmas Carol at Dallas Theater Center’s Wyly Theatre again after falling in love with it two years ago. Check out what she and her grandmother and fellow reviewer, Johannah Luza, have to say about this year’s production — and why she thinks it’s an excellent choice for your family.



A Christmas Carol

Adapted by Kevin Moriarty from the book by Charles Dickens 

Where:  The Wyly Theatre, 2400 Flora St., Dallas

When:  Now through Sunday, Dec. 26


Note: Dallas Theater Center will require audience members ages 12 and up to provide proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours of their ticketed show date.

Mila:  I was so excited to see A Christmas Carol because I saw it two years ago and it was SO GOOD then. It’s SO GOOD now, too! Scrooge was selfish. He didn’t even want his workers to get a holiday on Christmas. Nobody liked him because he wasn’t nice to anybody. But when the ghost of Christmas Past came, Scrooge remembered being a little boy and how he was happier back then. The ghost was scary, and I didn’t know for sure when he would come out, so when he did, I jumped so high! My grandma started laughing. But I liked when the ghosts came out because Scrooge became nicer. He stopped being selfish and was happier, too.

I saw other little kids in the theater, so I think it’s a good play for the whole family to see. There are just a few scary parts. But it teaches everybody to be kind, not mean and selfish. You can donate to the North Texas Food Bank inside the building so that you won’t be a scrooge!

Johannah:  This production of A Christmas Carol kept everyone’s attention from beginning to end. I like the intimacy of this theater, and you feel as if you are right there on the stage with the cast. Kudos to the costume designer! So realistic for that period. I can see why A Christmas Carol is a family tradition for so many, and this year’s production is a definite hit!


North Texas Food Bank will be accepting donations for people in need at each performance.

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