Mila Says: Paddington Bear Saves Christmas

Photos by Johannah Luza ~ 

Mila, our six-year-old reviewer,  brought a surprise guest to Paddington Saves Christmas: her three-year-old sister, Avivah! In keeping with Mila’s tradition of picking the perfect outfit for the theater, both sisters wore red hats like the marmalade-loving bear. Another surprise was their mom, Shayna Vincent, stepping in to do the co-reviewing honors while their grandmother, Johannah Luza, was away. All three girls had a great time, and they think you will, too!



Mila: Paddington Bear Saves Christmas was so cute and funny. My favorite part of the play was when Paddington tries to bake a cake, and he throws a whole egg into the mixing bowl. I bake with my dad, so I knew that you’re supposed to break the egg and only put the yolk in!

Poor Paddington tries to help his neighbor make a beautiful Christmas before his Aunt Matilda arrives to visit, but instead, he just keeps making more and more messes out of everything. It was kind of like what my little sister and I do in our house when mom and dad are trying to keep things clean! 

I never like to tell my friends what happens at the end of a play in case they want to see it too, but this time I don’t even know what happened at the very end because I got stuck in the chair and couldn’t see. I also loved how Aunt Matilda was grumpy but ended up being nice. She had a silly laugh. I think other kids would like the show, too, because it’s so funny, but I wouldn’t recommend that they get stuck in the chair.

Avivah: I liked that the big bear wore a hat like Mila and me. It was fancy.


Shayna: Paddington Bear Saves Christmas was a lighthearted and enjoyable show for children and adults, too. It was a wonderful reminder of what Christmas is about, making memories and being together, even if everything isn’t perfect or the house isn’t clean! Mila, age six, and Avivah, age three, were thoroughly entertained with the three characters, Paddington Bear, the grumpy Mr. Curry, and Aunt Matilda. Their ability to be so expressive on stage captivated all ages. If you are looking for a family event this holiday season, this play is for you.


Paddington Bear Saves Christmas 

A Rockefeller Production, adapted by Doug Kmiotek, based on the book by Michael Bond. Created by Jonathan Rockefeller and directed by Douglass Burks.
Recommended for 4 and up.


Where:  Dallas Children’s Theater | 5938 Skillman St. Dallas

When:  Now through Thursday, Dec. 23



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