Mila Says: Dragons Love Tacos at DCT

Photos by Johannah Luza ~ 

Mila Vincent, our intrepid seven-year-old theater critic, made her way to Dallas Children’s Theater with her grandmother and co-critic Johannah Luza to check out their newest production, Dragons Love Tacos.

Mila dressed carefully for the theater and subject of the play, wearing her colorful taco shirt. Check out what she has to say — and what her grandmother thinks you might want to eat after the show.



Mila: Tacos are my favorite food, so I was excited to see this play and wore my Taco shirt! A little boy’s Mom left to go to the grocery store, and it was storming outside, so the boy was bored alone in the house with his dog. All of a sudden, a man on T.V. appeared in the house. The man said he would teach the boy some secrets about dragons. One of the secrets was that dragons like tacos. Then the boy heard a knock at the door, and it was some dragons! All of the dragons came in and started dancing. Every dragon was a different color. They all decided to have a taco party. But, there was one topping the dragons didn’t like on tacos. The man told the boy never to give dragons that topping. You’ll have to see the play to find out what dragons don’t like on their tacos and what happens if they eat it! 

The play was so cute, and I think little kids about 3-5 years old would really like it best. It’s always fun when I go to a play at the Dallas Children’s Theater because they sing Happy Birthday to all the kids who have a birthday that month. I was excited because I got to stand up for my birthday in January!  

Johannah: This was a cute play. The dragons had the most colorful costumes. We had so much fun watching the dragons at the party. A question and answer session for the audience made it all the more fun for the kids. The show wasn’t too long, so it was perfect for the youngest ones. We were both hungry for tacos when we left! I am sure everyone else was too.


Dragons Love Tacos 

Written by Ernie Nolan, based on the book by Adam Rubin, Illustrated by Daniel Salmieri, Published by Penguin Group; Produced by special arrangement with Plays for Young Audiences. Directed by Nancy Schaeffer

Recommended for 4 and up.


Where:  Dallas Children’s Theater | 5938 Skillman St., Dallas

When:  Now through Sunday, Feb. 20

Website:   CLICK HERE for the link to the digital program


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