Step Out in Style with These Spring Shoes

As you start your spring cleaning, make room in your closet for the shoe styles sure to put a spring in your step.

Strappy Sandals 

When it comes to sandals, the more straps, the better. From lace-up to slingbacks, strappy steppers are strutting down the streets this season. In bright colors, these shoes are sure to be noticed. Casually lace up your flat sandals for a backyard party, mall trip, or girls’ brunch. For a more formal look, choose a basic colored strappy heel. From the beach to wedding season, these sandals are sure to have everyone tied up.

Classic White Sneakers

The perfect shoe for everyday wear, a classic white sneaker is a must-have in your spring wardrobe. Step away from athletic styles; assume a street-style look with a basic white leather sneaker. Paired with jeans for running errands, or a sundress at a barbeque, they are the perfect functional accessory.

Chunky Sole Sandals

This season is about function and fashion, and chunky sole sandals are the perfect mix of the two. With a bottom half providing support and function, the bright colors and strappy details give the shoes the fashion-forward edge for spring affairs. Your daughter or niece will surely beg to borrow these from your closet.

Ballet Flats

These dance-inspired shoes are making their comeback this spring. With new modern styles and feminine details, ballet flats are a comfortable and chic addition to any look. Pair them with jeans for work, or a flowy dress for a comfortable alternative to heels. For more casual wear, experiment with bright colors and textures. For formal affairs, choose a pair with fun details such as beading or a large bow.


If ballet flats are not for you, opt for their sister style: The mule, chic, open-back shoes that are a staple for spring. Padded insoles provide comfort while still appearing effortlessly put-together. With so many colors, styles, and textures to choose from, a mule can fit any occasion, from a night out on the town to a graduation party. Kick it up a notch and choose a heeled mule in a bright color to stand out at a formal event, or pair with jeans for a sexy spring look.


This classic shoe has received the ultimate makeover this spring. A chunky loafer, with or without socks, is the ideal mix of trendy and timeless. Dress up your jeans with a neutral-colored loafer for an effortlessly chic ensemble. Choose a pair with thick buckles and hardware for an edgier feel, or go for a bold color paired with a maxi dress to achieve an elegant look.

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