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To Feel Your Best, Focus on Your Spirit

Deepak Chopra once said, “Our bodies are the battleground for the wars we wage in our mind.”

I never understood that quote until my thoughts and emotions began manifesting physical symptoms in my body. In our western approach to medicine — and maybe even to life — we have tried to separate ourselves and our emotions from our work, doubts from our relationships, and meaningful purpose from our everyday lives.

And even with all the advances in medicine, diet, nutrition, and psychology, there are more illnesses than ever before.

The Mind-Body-Spirit Connection

The human experience is integration; recognizing the mind-body-spirit connection is key to our wellness. Each affects the other. If we disregard one, the whole suffers. The spirit is the least tended to because science has not been able to measure or quantify it and, therefore, has avoided it.

Ask yourself, what gives our life meaning and purpose? What moves and motivates us? What happens when we die? These are all part of the spiritual experience unique to each of us. It is a start to understanding the relationship to energy.

Everything in the Universe is energy. Energy is neither created nor destroyed, but it can be transferred and transformed. Our bodies are physical elements that also have a system through which life-force energy flows. This energy system has centers called chakras, which are swirling areas of energy along the central nerve ganglia in the spine. Chakras have been studied in eastern philosophy and medicine as early as 1500 BCE.

There are seven main chakras in the body. Each develops at different times in our lives and corresponds with specific psychological, emotional and physiological symptoms. Like the health of arteries allowing blood to flow to and from the heart, the health of our chakras determines the ability of life-force energy to flow through our physical body, assisting in the balance of our bodily systems and functions. Chakras are meant to remain open and aligned so energy can flow freely and stay high.

Everything Is Energy, Including Our Emotions

Emotions carry an energetic vibration ranging from low to high frequency. When life-force energy cannot flow freely, it creates low vibrational emotions and low energy. Underdeveloped or blocked chakras can manifest as physical symptoms such as pain, anxiety, depression, numbness, disconnection, shame, and negative mindset, accompanied by fatigue and loss of meaning, purpose, and motivation. On the other hand, when energy flows freely, we feel fantastic and can experience love, joy, confidence, and clarity.

Impact of Stress on How We Feel Physically

The American Institute of Stress estimates 75-95% of all visits to doctors result from a reaction to unreleased stress. Stress disrupts and weakens energy flow, often causing conflicting thoughts and feelings that manifest physical symptoms. Do you ever get a stomachache when you feel stressed, or headaches after a fight, or extreme fatigue from staying in a job that no longer serves you? We’ve grown more aware of this mind-body-spirit connection as we go to doctors who run tests where everything comes back “normal,” but we still feel unwell.

Unblock and Develop Your Chakras to Feel Better Physically

Since chakras are energy systems and respond to frequencies, you can begin to align and develop the chakras through different carriers of frequency such as crystals, light, and sound. For example, clear quartz is an affinity to our bodies’ silica. When specific colors of light beam through that crystal, it can directly affect each chakra, which vibrates at corresponding frequencies.

Resistant to the concept of light as healer? Think about what a laser can do to the restoration of wrinkles in our skin. Sound can also affect the alignment and balance of our chakras, some of the most famous known as the Solfeggio Frequencies. In a crystal bed healing session, both light and sound frequencies help balance, develop, and align chakras. Just like exercise, diet, and medication in severe cases are needed to help clear arteries so blood can flow to the heart, crystal bed therapy can do the same for the chakras. Accompanied by a guide and work with oracle cards, which are simply tools to begin receiving positive hints throughout your experience of life, you can start to feel an interactive relationship with the Universe. I remember feeling like I started to come alive!

When energy flow remains open — keeping you in a higher vibration and at a higher frequency — your intuition increases, abundance flows freely, stress fades away, and emotions are in balance. You start to find confidence and clarity in life. You feel more deeply connected with others, and your physical health improves. You experience playfulness, creativity, joy, love, unity, and inner peace.

If you’ve been attending to your physical and mental health but still don’t feel your best, consider addressing your emotions and giving some love to the spirit. Life may just become that incredible experience you never thought possible!

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