Atomic Habits

By: James Clear  |  Book Review By: Marlene Caraballo ~ 

Atomic Habits provides valuable insight into how your daily behaviors have significant constructive or destructive consequences over time. This book isn’t a quick-fix self-improvement read for fast but unsustainable results. It’s a practical framework for improving your habits more automatically with less effort, which can lead to remarkable long-term positive results.

Clear’s approach makes a solid case for how easy habit shifts in your behavior can immensely improve your life and ability to achieve your goals over time.

Atomic Habits is a system with easy steps and strategies to not only build better habits, but to also break bad ones.

Clear sets up simple actionable steps for following his four basic laws for getting 1% better every day at building better habits.

Not only does he share the secrets for motivation and self-control, but he also delivers how to make bad habits less attractive.

Readers will enjoy the simplicity and effectiveness of following his framework. Using powerful anecdotes and easy-to-understand charts, Clear demonstrates how these tools and techniques to shift your daily behavior can lead to achieving lasting success.

The only downside to the book is its length: 321 pages. But, in my opinion, this book is time well spent.

Two thumbs up from me for any book that can potentially change your life for the better. Atomic Habits certainly makes the cut.

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