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Mila, our dedicated seven-year-old theater reviewer, always likes to dress for the theater — which means she enjoys wearing clothes that fit the show! And since Frozen is the story of two sisters, she decided to bring her little sister, Avivah, along for the experience. And while Avivah is only three, she was as enthralled as Mila and Mila’s grandmother and co-reviewer, Johannah Luza. Check out Mila’s and Johanna’s review of Disney’s Frozen, presented by Broadway Dallas at the Music Hall at Fair Park.


Mila: I saw the movie Frozen when I was a little girl, but the musical was even better! Elsa and Anna were my favorite characters, and Olaf the snowman was the funniest. Elsa had magic power and could make things freeze. But when she grew up, she didn’t like that magical power. I loved it looked like real icebergs and icicles on the stage. I wanted to go up and touch them to see them up close. And the snow looked real, too. If you go to the play, you will be surprised at how fast the actors can change costumes! And they sang some of my favorite songs, so I sang along too. I hope you take your kids to see this play. If you do, it’s fun to dress up like the characters. Everyone was having a good time!


Johannah: What a treat to see Disney’s Frozen! There were as many adults without kids as adults with kids! The scenery and lighting were breathtaking, and the music was beautiful. Since I hadn’t seen the movie (where have I been!), Mila explained the story to me. Whether you know the story or not, it is worth seeing. The entire cast was incredible!



Michelle Vincent (Mila’s other grandmother), Avivah and Mila

Disney’s FROZEN

Book by Jennifer Lee, music and lyrics by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez

Two sisters — one with magical powers she can’t control — find themselves in trouble; the younger sister is determined to resolve in this national tour of the popular Broadway musical, adapted from the animated Disney movie of the same name.

Where: Music Hall at Fair Park | 909 1st Ave., Dallas

When: Now through August 7

Cost: $23-$140, subject to change

Ages: 6 and up


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