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At seven, Mila, our dedicated theater reviewer, believed she was too old to see The SpongeBob Musical, but she thought her sister would love it. So, she brought three-year-old Avivah along with her. Mila liked the show as much as Avivah, as did her co-reviewer and grandmother, Johannah Luza. Check out Mila’s and Johanna’s review of life under the sea at The Firehouse Theatre


Mila: I thought The SpongeBob Musical might be too young for me because I’m seven. I took my little sister because she’s three. Guess what? I loved it as much as she did! It was hilarious, and even the adults laughed! SpongeBob and his friends were afraid because a volcano was coming, so they tried to make a device to stop it. I won’t tell you what happened at the end, but the cast did some funny dances, and all the actors were great! Patrick, the starfish, was my favorite because he was so funny! You will love the musical even if you’ve never seen the SpongeBob cartoon. The Firehouse Theatre is one of my favorite places; everyone is so friendly. If you want to stay out of the heat, take your kids or grandkids to The SpongeBob Musical. I promise you will love it! I give it five starfishes!!!!!


Johannah: We always love going to The Firehouse Theatre, and this time was no different. I recommend The SpongeBob Musical to kids and adults both! There is humor in it for everyone. I have to say everyone in this cast did a fantastic job. There wasn’t a dull moment. The Choreography by Christina Kudlicki Hoth was incredible! I can’t say enough about the dancing. And I agree with Mila. If you want to escape the heat, see this musical. It is refreshing and uplifting. And what an incredible cast. You’ll forget all about how hot it is outside!



Mila, Justin Taylor (who plays Patrick the Starfish), and Avivah


Based on the Nickelodeon series by Stephen Hillenburg. Book by Kyle Jarrow Musical Production conceived by Tina Landau. Directed by Matthew Silar. Music directed by Bryce Biffle. Choreographed by Christina Kudlicki Hoth.

Where: The Firehouse Theatre | 2535 Valley View Lane, Farmers Branch

When:  Now through August 14

Cost:     $28-$36

Ages:    3 and up


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