An Intentional New Year’s Non-Resolution

It’s a New Year! Therefore, we may feel forced to make new resolutions we all too often don’t keep.

Let’s face it: Life gets busy, and, though we start out motivated with good intentions, many of us fall off the resolution wagon as quickly as February.

So, this year I’d like to introduce you to a New Year intention, not a resolution. (Relax, it doesn’t require a gym membership or a scale.)

I invite you to commit to an intentional gratitude attitude.

When you intentionally make gratitude a habit, you consciously choose to reframe your thoughts — usually the negative ones — into more positive and productive ones.

This is a way to mentally steer away from a woe-is-me rut and into the gratitude lane, which leads you forward toward growth, feeling good, and finding joy.

Feeling sorry for ourselves helps… absolutely nothing and no one. And yet, intentionally refocusing on gratitude can entirely change our outlook and, I dare say, our lives.

With a grateful mindset, you are more likely to think positively about your circumstances (the stuff you can’t change) and feel encouraged about changing the things you can.

A grateful heart and a positive mindset increase the chance you will feel inspired to live fully and motivated to take better care of yourself.

Intentionally making gratitude a habit, this year, will mean spending more time on the “bright side.” It’s reasonable to deduce that your usual (health-related) resolutions might actually stick if you’re feeling grateful, blessed, cheerful, and bright.

Your mood and your mindset have everything to do with whether you follow through with plans to eat healthier, exercise more regularly, or take that trip you’ve been dreaming of. So, cheers to a non-resolution New Year and to welcoming an intentional gratitude attitude into our lives!

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