Astrocast for January and February 2023

By Catherine Young
December 31, 2022

Illustrations by Jess Hock ~ 


As we begin the New Year, we take on the last Mercury retrograde that began Dec. 29 in Capricorn. This is your last chance to review the past year and make any necessary changes to embrace 2023.

It is an essential retrograde as it pushes change that can be hard but incredibly powerful — especially for the earth signs of Capricorn and Taurus, both of which can be stubborn and hang on to outdated notions.

Saturn is in Aquarius, begging us to move forward and stop resisting new thought patterns. Both Pisces and Gemini will feel liberated and gather momentum that will move quickly out of dark spaces, bringing forth the light and high vibration missing for the last two years. Big names will fall under these signs, helping spread the vibration to the masses.

January is a cleansing month: The 23rd brings all planets direct, lining up for a revival of sorts. This is the time to get busy and plow the old field of thinking so you can plant new seeds for an early summer harvest. Whatever is happening on the planet, you’ll feel inspired — and this alone can create miracles!

Our Aquarius friends will lean into the new energy. They’re ruled by Uranus, which has been retrograding in Taurus since August 2019. The need for a new job, home, or location is on the front line of thought, and nothing will stop this as it’s clear sailing until at least the middle of May. Seize the day!

January promises to affect all the signs in different ways. Still, the air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) and water sign Pisces will feel the urge to make space for the unknown, as stagnation has been brutal for these independent souls!

Venus in Pisces forms a square with Mars in Gemini, so you may need to add whipped cream with a cherry on top when you ask for something important. Leos already know how to work this kind of magic to get their way, but other signs — such as Sagittarius and Aries — will have to do this with extra cherries. Fire signs benefit from this square to learn hard lessons and turn it into a possible new career!

January 2023 is the time for radical change, and radical change can go either way. Take a moment to go over the things no longer serving you. Let go of them, face the unknown, and don’t look back!

Now, onto February.

With star-gazing Scorpio ready for a new romance, February starts clear and bright with lingering winter nights. They like things done in the dark of night, especially when it’s cold and windy, so stoke the fire inside and get it good and hot for a special someone!

It’s still too cold for Cancer crabs to venture out; leave them alone so they can continue their inner search for all things spiritual. Mercury moves into Aquarius and partners up with the Sun and Saturn in the same sign, allowing for much-needed room of unrestricted breath. For those of us holding our breaths for more than two years — let it all out!

February promises more space for new thought patterns for creative Libra, Leo, and Pisces. All signs have their own unique creativity, but I speak of literal artistic abilities that may have been on hold. There is nothing to hold back these naturally creative types from pulling out the canvas and dusting off the brushes and tubes of paint. Art is subjective. Flow freely without the fear of ridicule — it may sell for millions!

The astral energies of February are sharp, clear, and focused. We all feel something is different, and it is; All planets are direct. The only thing holding you back until May is yourself and no one else. Use this incredible energy to put into action all the things you want to manifest in 2023 and bring in the change that will transform your life.

May 2023 start off strong.


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