Astrocast for March and April 2023

By Catherine Young
March 1, 2023

March starts off sentimental, especially for water signs Pisces and Cancer. Reminiscing about the past will take up your time, and you’ll need to shake off that nostalgia to get things done in the present. Our emotions make us human, don’t become enslaved to them. Luckily, Mercury is in Aquarius to help yank us out of the past and thrust us into the here and now with a practical sense of direction.

Start planting seeds and watch as they grow faster than you thought possible, especially where finance is concerned. But make sure to invest in some tangible assets; hands-on is the name of this game — you want to be able to reap what you sow! Venus and Jupiter are paired up nicely in Aries to start the financial garden; later in the month, Venus moves into Taurus for a growth spurt that will kick start the Spring Equinox into action as all planets will be direct!

This occurrence is the first time in a very, very long time we’ve seen this lineup, and it will be like this until April 4, 2023, when Mercury starts its retrograde cycle on top of a new moon in Aries.

We are heading into uncharted waters, which demand change to be progressive and adaptable. Don’t stubbornly hang onto outdated notions just because you’re in unfamiliar territory. Use the energy to learn something new. It might propel you into a whole new career or hobby!

We cannot control many worldly changes, so don’t put all your faith into media-driven ideals. Think outside the box: Be brave, daring, and a little crazy. And don’t worry what others think, especially if they are outdated!

Get inspired like never before and set the bar high with the thought you will reach your goals. Going back for forgotten things is not an option. Move forward; you don’t need those things anyway. I say this very lovingly to you, Capricorn!

We have work to do and the energy to do it. There are no limits to what you can create at this time other than the ones you impose on yourself.

As the Sun enters Aries beginning March 22, the energy shifts into a different gear with a wildfire blaze of pioneering inspiration that Sagittarius, Aries, and Leo can use. Embrace the unexpected and bravely forge a renewed sense of purpose. It’s not as heavy as it seems for these fire signs! Change is imminent, and you don’t want to stay in the vortex of the past few years.

Taurus, your hedonistic ways will force their way through. You get the first week of April to make your dreams come true, especially where love is concerned. Go brazenly after that object of desire and sweep them off their feet — it could be a person, place, or thing (I think it’s a perfect time for a promotion)!

Jupiter, the planet of growth and mental expansion, will travel through Aries and Taurus this year and add to opportunities for better jobs, more social activity, and a greater sense of optimism for all, especially for Aries and Taurus. Things lighten up a bit in April!

Mercury will retrograde starting April 20, and the energy is laden with earthy Taurus stubbornness. Now is not the time to challenge a situation you have been struggling with for a while. Take a deep breath and wait a bit longer as the dense fog rises, and the Sun shines a better light on the issue. Using all your time, energy, and emotions will drain the juice out of the battery.

Libra seems to be unscathed or highly affected during this retrograde as you find yourself alone in your own little world of mental gymnastics. It’s best if you decide for yourself before a decision is made for you.

Venus is in airy Gemini, now. If romance may seem a bit flighty, that’s because it is! Wait until after the retrograde to seal the deal. You may find the rose-colored glasses you were wearing miscolored your whole affair! This situation especially applies to Gemini, Pisces, and Aries. You can be so adorably gullible!

As we close in at the end of April, it may seem like some of you are at a different party than you thought you were going to be. There are no mistakes in life. How you embrace the energy that cosmically takes you on the adventure — and leaning in without resistance — can change everything!

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