Astrocast for May and June 2023

By Catherine Young
May 1, 2023

Hello, cosmic kids!

We may feel lazy and dream of summer breezes while parked in a chair on the beach… but wake up! Venus is in Gemini, which could make for some seriously social moments. This would be an excellent time for the air signs to get some action and possibly find that soul mate you have been dreaming of!

A period of Mercury retrograding is a period of slowing down the momentum of everyday mental action. Instead of looking at this cycle with fear and dread, use the time to repair the tattered emotions frayed with the past year: Re-access, re-align, re-acquaint, re-pair, re-invent, re-program, re-pent, re-new… you get the picture!

Be kind to yourself at this time and slow down — you might see all the awesome things you’ve zipped past every day while racing to get to your cubicle!

Mars is hanging out for the time being in Cancer. This makes it harder to find the motivation to make necessary changes in the career sector. Being complacent is familiar to the crab, and sitting in a planet of war and action is unnatural for such a shy crustacean! If you are looking for a career change, you might want to wait until the end of May, when Mars transits into Leo. Then you can muster up the courage to take the plunge.

The biggest sensation happening now is the transition of Pluto leaving Capricorn and moving into Aquarius, where newfound freedom may be almost too much for some after the last few years of being on pins and needles!

In contrast to Capricorn, Aquarius rules independence, community, innovation, scientific reasoning, and the rational. When Pluto enters Aquarius, we can expect reckonings and innovations around technology, air travel, and community organizing. Power struggles may also arise as those with no voice suddenly find theirs and throw a wrench in the old cogs that have been turning for the last 20 years.

Water signs may be very emotional for no apparent reason due to the nostalgia of old energy bringing so many memories to the surface. It’s time to ditch some old baggage and make room for a whole new set of memories: New adventures are waiting.

With Venus moving into Cancer and pairing up with Mars, emotional stagnation is being blasted apart: Jupiter in Aries is saying enough is enough and move on! Jupiter is about expansion, creativity, family, and friends. Jupiter will scoop up all the emotional debris from previous months and possibly years, then sweep it out the cosmic door. We’ll all move forward as a collective whole.

Saturn and Neptune are both in Pisces. The archetype of Pisces (and its ruler, Neptune) is the opposite of Saturn. It represents imagination, creativity, spirituality, mysticism, dreams, fantasy, illusions, deception, and isolation. This is in opposition to the restrictions of Saturn and what it naturally rules, such as karma and limitations. But in free-flowing Pisces, Saturn sheds its old stodgy ways to allow dreams to become a reality! The world is waking up, and the cosmos are lending us a hand now.

May and June promise to bring a little more freedom. The sky’s the limit; the less baggage you bring, the lighter the journey and the more fun.

The cosmos are finally getting the energy needed to slingshot humanity. I am ready to blast off!

Namaste, beautiful people!

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