Yardwork with Sinatra, Springsteen, and Willie!

By: Broc Sears I could be your neighbor. Luckily not the one with the window-shaking stereo, but maybe the one whose playlist lightly wafts by your porch on a summer day. I love to play music when I work in the yard, and prefer not to use headphones, earbuds, or air pods. I simply raise

Lifehacks, Tips, and Helpful Hints

By Broc Sears ~ At least once a semester, my classroom discussions branch off into conversations about lifehacks. Lifehacks are strategies to make life easier — from how to get fingerprints off the fridge to closet organization. My mom had a folder stuffed with mimeographed sheets and handwritten

Gardening Gadgets Help You Get Your Green On

By Broc Sears~ Years ago, I spent my winter evenings searching through gardening magazines and catalogs for heirloom seeds and crafted tilling tools. I am no longer a passionate garden guy, but I still visit websites featuring seeds, tools, and landscaping tips. Through them, I’ve found some neat

Well, Why Don’t You Just Use Your Phone?

By Broc Sears~ There’s an infinite number of devices and apps that do all kinds of whiz-bang things, but sometimes I just want a fast and simple way to get something done. In my quest for efficiency, I often forget that technology usually has all the answers. I first used my smartphone for calling

Ho, Ho, Hi-Tech

LED Kinaras and a Digital Dreidel, Too! By Broc Sears~ From outdoor decorations to resource apps, the holidays never suffer from a lack of creative and unique tech treasures. To start, there are dozens of smartphone-controlled indoor and outdoor light strings and strips to choose from. Lumenplay has

Change is Good

Some people never get enough of it By Broc Sears ~ One of the perks of weekends with my grandparents — besides homemade cookies and milkshakes — was a fistful of change from my grandfather’s pockets. Returning home, I dumped my treasure in an aging cigar box. My father faithfully dropped pocket

Are You Fit for a Bit of Wearable Tech?

By Broc Sears ~ I used to be fit. Kind of. I used to run daily and log my distance, heart rate and calorie intake. Then came love, marriage, and the baby carriage — life, interrupted. Forty years later, three of my four doctors have told me I need to be more active. Two suggested

Honey, Where Are My Keys?

By Broc Sears  ~   I recently noticed several pairs of reading glasses hanging from ornate hooks in every room of my friend’s home. She explained she often loses her “cheaters.” Her solution was to buy a case of glasses with which to populate each room. I said I wished I could afford to do

I’ll Take My Power Sunny Side Up Please

By Broc Sears  ~   When I first saw a home that had a front walkway bordered by little mushroom lights, I immediately admired its charm and warmth. This was back in the day when that lighting feature would have taken hours of digging and stringing underground cabling to each light. Today, one buys

I Love My Little TVs — Now Streaming Shows and Movies at Small Screens Near You

By Broc Sears  ~   When TV broadcasts switched to digital, my heart sank. The little portable TV with an internal antenna I happily toted with me as I diddled around the house fell into obsolescence. I quietly suffered, turning to an old boom box to listen to FM radio and CDs, instead. Eventually,

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