Live Greener for Your Grandchildren

By Cynthia Arnold ~ Most of us plan to leave a legacy for our children and grandchildren. Perhaps one of the greatest legacies is the way we live right now. We can choose to live purposeful lives that are greater than we are. Our children and grandchildren face the biggest challenge ever: climate change.

How to Use Your Intuition to Your Advantage

Turn Challenges into Opportunities By Cynthia Arnold~ In early 2009, Erika Hovland-Bahij was at the height of a very successful career. She had a great job, plenty of money, and many responsibilities. But somewhere along the path she lost her sense of purpose. She couldn’t figure out what it was or

Native Fashion Designers Making an Impact in the Fashion Industry

By Cynthia Arnold~ There is a new generation of Native designers and models creating a fashion renaissance on runways, in top fashion magazines, across the Internet and in specialty stores. Today’s Native designers and models are expanding their creations and breaking the mode of all styles of designs

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