Social Security Filing Ages

Interview with David Freitag ~ fyi50+: The are many questions about at what age you should file for Social Security benefits. Most workers know you can start benefits as early as age 62 or delay starting benefits to as late as age 70. But what happens if you miss the age 70 cut-off? I asked

When to Collect Social Security Benefits

By David Freitag~ The Right Strategy Can Be Complicated fyi50+: Readers often ask why choosing a Social Security filing strategy can be so complicated. David, why is this decision so confusing? David Freitag: Decisions about when you should file to start collecting Social Security benefits should be

Social Security Recommendations for 2021

By David Freitag~ fyi50+: It’s time to watch 2020 disappear into the rear-view mirror of history and start planning for 2021. David, what are some good recommendations for Social Security and retirement planning for the new year? David Freitag: There are five super important things everyone needs

Social Security Card and Stacks of Coins

Social Security Changes for 2021

By David Freitag~ The Social Security Administration recently released its Fact Sheet for 2021, with updates and changes for those receiving Social Security benefits. Positive Changes Social Security Cost-of-Living Increase There actually is some good news for retirees. 2021 will bring a cost-of-living

New Tools from the Social Security Administration

By David Freitag~ We all know the old saying, “I am from the Government and I am here to help.” Without question, this applies to the Social Security Administration — they really do want to keep you informed about how Social Security can support your lifestyle in retirement. I asked David Freitag

Benefits of Taking Social Security Early as a Safety Net

By David Freitag ~ When difficult financial times arrive because of turmoil in the stock market or a serious new health condition, it’s good to know that Social Security can often be a significant safety net for people 62 or older. When financial headlines broadcast 5-10% daily market losses, it is

Beware, Thieves are Working the Phones

By David G. Freitag, Financial Planning Consultant with MassMutual ~ Robocalls have always been infuriating. But what should you do if you’re not sure it’s a robocall or the Social Security Administration (SSA)?   We asked David Freitag, a financial planning consultant with MassMutual, about this

Be Cautious—Criminals are Looking for Your Social Security Data

By David G. Freitag, Financial Planning Consultant with MassMutual ~ Does this sound like a scene from a movie? Bob is relaxing at home after a crazy day at the office. He checks his voicemail messages on his phone and is startled to hear this message from a stranger: “This is a call from fraud

Social Security: Sometimes, “You Live and You Learn”

By David G. Freitag, Financial Planning Consultant with MassMutual ~ A recent study of retirees conducted by for MassMutual found interesting answers to this fundamental retirement planning question, “If you had to do it over again, would you change your Social Security filing decision?”

Keep Informed on Important Changes to Social Security and Medicare

By David G. Freitag, Financial Planning Consultant with MassMutual ~ Each year the Social Security Administration announces small incremental changes to both the Social Security program and the Medicare program. These changes are built into existing Social Security and Medicare rules that do not require

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