Amazing Things About Bees You Probably Do Not Know

I found this article really interesting, and I want to share it. It confirms how crucial bees are for growing many of the foods we enjoy. It is fascinating to find out that honeybees communicate by doing a special waggle dance, bumblebees get hangry, and how honey may offer new hope in fighting against

DART is Asking All North Texas Young Artists to Share Their Heroes

The annual Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) Student Art Contest is accepting individual entries from all North Texas students through Tuesday, March 23.  The theme of this year’s contest is “Everyday Heroes Ride DART.” Heroes come in many forms, and this year’s art contest

SelectFlex Adjustable Insole Technology Supports Senior Foot Health

Alliance Design & Development Group creates advanced assistive technology in SelectFlex® arch control insoles to promote foot health and quality of life among the aging population. Alliance Design and Development Group (ADDG) is a biomechanics technology company whose core mission is to create

Bond, James Bond—RIP Sean Connery

Sir Sean Connery epitomized the suave spy and created unique characters during his long and illustrious career. We salute you! For highlights of Sean Connery’s acting career, visit these sites: BBC IMDB

Got a Minute? Take the DART Survey!

We know you’re busy, but we really want to know what you think. COVID-19 has changed everything! But at DART, we are still working hard to keep North Texas moving —  safely. We want to make sure we get it right. Please share your opinion. It’s wanted and needed. Take the DART survey HERE. 

Celebrate Halloween with a Colorful Melted Crayon Pumpkin

I was perusing the internet when I came across this fabulous activity by Amy Bellgardt from MomSpark and thought, what a creative way to celebrate Halloween with the kiddos, or by yourself. Take a break from the traditional carving of the pumpkin and grab your favorite colors of crayons, a blow dryer,

A Fashion Show Like No Other — One Earth United

Events are being canceled and postponed worldwide to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, and the “People of the Earthlodge Virtual Indigenous Fashion Show” is no exception. Originally scheduled to honor Native American Heritage Month on November 11, 2020, organizers chose to reschedule

Looking for a Second Career During Retirement?

Consider becoming a real estate agent By Heidi Thiel~ Many people look forward to retirement. Many may use this opportunity to travel, while others may choose to relax. However, some people may prefer to continue working even through retirement. If you are thinking about going back to work, consider

A List of Non-Profit Organizations You Can Donate to on North Texas Giving Day

So many non-profits are suffering during the COVID pandemic. Please find it in your heart to donate to your favorite organizations on Thursday, September 17, during North Texas Giving Day. Here are some excellent organizations we support for your consideration. Click on the name and you will go directly

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