Incorporating the Five Animal Frolics into Your Life

For high energy, vitality, and well-being By Judith Stuartcoale Bonner ~ The beautiful blend of Tai Chi and Qigong, both practices working with the Qi, are found in animal frolics. Qi (chi) is the vital life energy that surrounds and sustains our existence. Qi is an energetic force that is often felt,

Internal Glow of the Body “On” Tai Chi

By Judith Stuartcole Bonner ~   During our Tai Chi classes, it’s easy to see the “cosmic” smiles, gently flowing movements of the body, and calm faces. Today’s article looks within at the physiology of the body when using the “prescription” of Tai Chi, to discover what causes those visible

Deepening My Tai Chi Practice

By Judith Stuartcole Bonner ~   Step into the world of NEI GONG, a relative of Tai Chi, that adds dimension beyond the breath, the relaxation, and strengthening the muscles of the body to the inside — literally moving the focus to the deep recesses of the body. Nei Gong is known as the “Internal

Tai Chi…The Silence Between the Noise

By Judith Stuartcole Bonner ~   Who are we? Where do we go? What’s happening when we feel the exhilaration of pure joy…when our self-love is monumental…when we have an exquisite sense of calm? What part of us moves from anxiety to serenity, from despair to acceptance, or from distraction to the

Tai Chi: A New Treatment for Dementia

By Judith Stuartcole Bonner ~   Dementia is an umbrella term for several different kinds of cognitive impairment that can begin to affect memory around the age of 50. Even though we may joke about juggling fewer tasks, processing information more slowly, or finding it difficult to focus on details,

Finding Breathing Bliss Through Tai Chi

By Judith Stuartcoale Bonner.  Bliss is known as the alpha brain state in which our electrical impulses that flow from neuron to neuron signal the brain to idle…be calm…move into deeper and deeper relaxation while being awake. In this idle state, reasons to think and deliberate are delightfully

Millennials Stay Healthy by Practicing Tai Chi

By Judith Stuartcoale Bonner ~ Millennials, our first generation to grow into child and adulthood witnessing the horrifying events of 9/11, characteristically prefer to “go with the flow” as a lifestyle. It’s growing more common to find millennials flocking to Tai Chi searching for the antidote

The Practice of Tai Chi: Meditation-in-Motion

By Judith Stuartcoale Bonner. “JUST BREATHE!”, a popular song title, is also the mantra of Tai Chi, an ancient form of Chinese martial arts modernized for our current world. Deep, slow rhythmic breathing activates the immune system and flow of blood in the body stimulating the chi – our vital

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