Book Review: The History of Women as Speakers

When Women Spoke Up, They Changed History. Author: Lois Phillips, Ph. D  |  Book Review by: Marlene Caraballo. There was a time in the not-so-distant past when women were subordinate to men and considered intellectually inferior. The History of Women as Speakers, by Lois Phillips, illustrates the shifting roles of women throughout history, from the […]

Finding Harmony When Life Knocks You Off Balance

Life is ever-changing, just like the seasons. As we move into the new year, we have choices to make. Will you allow this year’s challenges to throw you off balance and keep you down, or will you choose to find harmony and tranquility amidst what may feel like chaos? Strength in Unity To find peace […]

Book Review: Like a Rolling Stone: A Memoir

Book by: Jann S. Wenner | Book Review by: Marlene Caraballo. Buy It Here.   Rolling Stone magazine founder Jann Wenner delivers a candid diary of his quite out-of-the-ordinary life of seven decades in his memoir, Like a Rolling Stone. Get ready for the real deal. I found Wenner’s writing style to be straightforward and […]

How to Release Anger in a Positive Way

releasing anger in a healthy way

Nothing festers under our skin and creates emotional stress quite like unresolved anger. It spreads and grows, eating us alive. Unprocessed anger creates an inner hostility that, if left to percolate, can harm our health and all other aspects of our lives. Pent-up anger strangles our energy. It’s like a stopper in the sink preventing […]

Book Review: Style Essentials Series

Chic Casual Dressing: The Budget Guide By: Bobbi Schwartz  |  Book Review By: Marlene Caraballo ~  I  don’t have a natural sense of fashion style, but I do want to look my best. So I couldn’t wait to dig into Chic Casual Dressing: The Budget Guide, by Dallas-based personal style expert Bobbi Schwartz. First, there’s the […]

How to Have a Good Time During a Bad Time

Regardless of what’s going on in your life and how you feel about it, it’s still your life. Whether you’re making the best of it or allowing yourself to suffer in misery, you’re making a choice about how to feel and in what kind of energy you’re living. You know your life span is not […]

Embrace Acceptance to Change Your Life for the Better

We all want to feel the best we can. You may take vitamins, exercise, and attend annual check-ups, but you may not have considered how practicing the art of acceptance can dramatically improve how you feel. You also may not think of acceptance as something you consciously choose. Yet if you learn to practice accepting […]

Atomic Habits

By: James Clear  |  Book Review By: Marlene Caraballo ~  Buy It Here.   Atomic Habits provides valuable insight into how your daily behaviors have significant constructive or destructive consequences over time. This book isn’t a quick-fix self-improvement read for fast but unsustainable results. It’s a practical framework for improving your habits more automatically with […]

Attract Love with Forgiveness

So many emotions come up when we think about the word “forgiveness.” It reminds us of past wounds and often triggers feelings of hurt, shame, anger, and resentment. These heavy emotions constrict your ability to be genuinely happy and free to love both yourself and others with your whole heart. When you’re unable to fully […]

Younger You: Reduce Your Bio Age and Live Longer, Better

By: Kara Fitzgerald, MD  |  Book Review By: Marlene Caraballo ~  Buy It Here.   There is mounting evidence we can reverse our biological age and beat our genetics. How to do that is exactly what Dr. Kara Fitzgerald explores in her new book, Younger You. Biohacking, epigenetics, and their relation to longevity have become […]

How to Feel More Optimistic in Uncertain Times

With so many of us wondering if life will ever go back to “normal,” it’s more important than ever to find ways to feel optimistic. We don’t know what the future holds; to enjoy our life, we need to create mental and emotional wellness behaviors to carry us through the continued uncertainty. We don’t need […]

Book Review: “The Rose Table” by Katie-Rose Watson

It was perfect timing to receive this very special cookbook, The Rose Table by Katie-Rose Watson, just a few days before Thanksgiving. Everything about this cookbook is delicious — from the photographs to the elegant layout to the scrumptious recipes! Every recipe in this cookbook is one I will try. They’re almost all simple to […]

Resilience in Protecting Well-Being

The pandemic has caused a cycle of global stress that seems to go on forever. How can we live our best lives in these circumstances? How do we safeguard our mental and physical wellbeing and also thrive? I believe the key is to build resilience. Resilience is the capacity to recover from the challenges we […]

Optimize Your Energy Centers to Feel Good at 50+

Learn about the 7 main energy centers of the body and how to optimize them to feel good at 50+.

By midlife, many of us have searched for ways to feel our best—less achy and blue, more energized and emotionally fulfilled. For most, western medicine, doctors, exercise, therapy and supplements make sense. But it’s also good to consider less traditional methods of healing, such as energy centering work. My personal quest to make my over-50 […]

Paris Without Her: A Memoir

Written by: Gregory Curtis | Book Review by: Marlene Caraballo ~ Buy It Here.   An honest and courageous memoir, Gregory Curtis’s Paris Without Her is an account of the author moving on after the loss of his wife. I expected to feel sorrowful as Curtis recounted the passing of his beloved wife Tracy after […]

Three Ways to Improve Your Subtle Energy

By: Marlene Caraballo Energy is everywhere, including in and around our bodies. Sometimes we can see energy (like sunshine or fire) but often we can’t. So, what exactly is your body’s “subtle energy,” and why should you care to improve it? Your body’s subtle energy isn’t visible but can acutely affect how you feel. It’s […]

How Decluttering Improves Your Life

How to Declutter Diagram

Learn to Free Up Space and Energy By Marlene Caraballo ~ Clearing out accumulated possessions and being more selective about what objects you surround yourself with in your home not only helps you appreciate what’s meaningful in your life, but also boosts your energy. Science tells us energy and matter are really the same thing. […]

The Journey from Grief to Peace

Experiencing grief is something we’ll all have in common sooner or later. Death is as much a part of the human experience as birth is, but the loss of a loved one is infinitely more painful. So, what to do with all that pain? It can help move past the anguish if we remember grief […]

Sanctuary from Stress: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Sanctuary Wherever You Are

By Sherri Reed, Sacred Life Publishers, 2020 | Book Review by Marlene Caraballo~ Sanctuary from Stress, by Sherri Reed, is an engaging guidebook for moving us gently from feeling lost in the storm of stress to creating our own protective space of peace and serenity. There couldn’t be a more perfect time for this book! […]

The Spiritual Artist: We Are Designed to Create

By Christopher J. Miller | Book Review by Marlene Caraballo~ Buy It Here. I deeply loved reading The Spiritual Artist by painter and author Christopher J. Miller. The book is more than words on a page, it is an experience. Although Miller addresses visual artists throughout much of the book, the exercises and messages he […]

Cultivating Positivity in Difficult Times

There’s no shortage of reasons to feel stressed. The pandemic continues, the economy fluctuates, politics are tense, and we worry about our health and the well-being of those we love. While we spend our days wringing our hands and pacing the floors, we are quite literally fretting our lives away. Our time, energy, and focus […]

Live Vibrantly!

With L.J. & Her Dog George Eliot By L.J. Rohan | Review by Marlene Caraballo~ Live Vibrantly! is the perfect-sized book to keep on your nightstand for a little help waking up more hopeful for each day and going to bed feeling lighter. L.J. Rohan combines positive, humorous, over-50 commentary to complement the darling illustrations […]

Why Did I Come Into This Room?

Why Did I Come Into This Room Book Jacket

By Joan Lunden, Simon & Schuster | Review by Marlene Caraballo~ Buy It Here. I thoroughly enjoyed Joan Lunden’s latest book, Why Did I Come into This Room? As famous, polished, and successful as we know Lunden to be from her days on Good Morning America, I was pleased she was more candid in this book […]

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