Keeping Vegetables Fresh from the Garden to the Table


Add Extra Appeal to Your Landscape with Garden Art


Which Garden Flowers are Best for Indoor Bouquets

By Melinda Myers ~ Keep your flower vases filled all summer long with beautiful blossoms picked right from your own garden and containers. Growing seeds, plants

Grow Your Own Beautiful Tropical Paradise in a Container or Garden

By Melinda Myers ~ Add an exciting new look to your garden, poolside, patio or deck with elephant ears. These natural tropical plants have tall stems and large

Chemical-Free Options for Managing Mosquitoes in Your Landscape

By Melinda Myers ~ It’s time to get outside and enjoy summer BBQs, gardening, hikes and much more. Don’t let mosquitoes keep you

Shade Gardening Beyond Hostas

By Melinda Myers Photos by Melinda Myers   A shady spot provides welcome relief from the summer heat; but it can make growing a beautiful garden a bit more challenging.

Reduce Maintenance/Increase Success with Self-Watering Gardens

By Melinda Myers   Raised beds and containers expand our planting options. They allow us to grow edible and ornamental plants even where there is no plantable

Container Gardens for Every Occasion!

By Melinda Myers. Make every occasion special by designing and growing containers for summer holidays, weddings, anniversary parties or other special celebrations.

Plant Based Essential Oils Boost the Mind, Body & Spirit

By Melinda Myers.   The fragrances of plant-derived essential oils have long been used to improve the health of our mind, body and spirit.

How to Brighten Your Home with Houseplants that Bloom

Bamboo LED Grow Light Gardens are attractive and have bulbs more than twice as bright as most standard LEDs. How to Brighten Your Home with Houseplants

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