Winterproof Your Health

By Mridula Nadamuni MD~ Winter is a good time to hunker down for some cozy time with family and friends, but it also presents health challenges in the form of viral respiratory illnesses and seasonal mood changes. On top of that, COVID-19 has added a layer of uncertainty to the annual flu season. Here

Talk Turmeric to Me

The herb’s spin and benefits By Mridula Nadamuni, MD~ Touted by some as a panacea for all ailments, the gold-hued spice turmeric has hit the mainstream in the United States. People seeking healing benefits for a variety of conditions are turning to turmeric as an adjunctive therapy. And it’s popular

Telehealth for Seniors—Bringing Back House Calls

By Mridula Nadamuni, MD ~ Mr. C is a lovely 73-year-old gentleman who lives on a ranch about an hour away from the hospital. Mr. C tripped on a rug and wrenched his hip. Days later, his hip and back still bother him. He has chronic kidney disease and knows there are some pain medications

Telehealth: A New Way to Connect

By Mridula Nadamuni, MD ~ The COVID-19 pandemic has presented a unique set of challenges. It has brought about a period of unprecedented change as we navigate social distancing and other mitigation strategies designed to minimize the catastrophic spread of the illness. Even as hospitals prepare to care

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