Five Ways to Help Our Theaters Survive the Pandemic

By Nancy Churnin~ We all miss the theater, during the COVID-19 pandemic. But our favorite theaters are unable to create any theater at all. As you can imagine, our theater artists are scared: Without the income of ticket sales and ongoing support from donors, how will they create art when the pandemic

Mila Says: Watch “A Little Princess”

By Nancy Churnin, Mila Vincent, Shayna Vincent & Johannah Luza ~ Mila Vincent, our intrepid 5-year-old theater critic, can’t go out to theaters the way she used to because of the coronavirus epidemic. But she’s been very happy with the wonderful opportunities to view streamed theater in the

Mandy Patinkin: My Life is All About Connecting

By Nancy Churnin | Above photo by J Altman Beard | Mandy Patinkin may be the most famous person you’ll meet who doesn’t think of himself as a celebrity. Sure, he’s a wildly successful and acclaimed Broadway, television and recording artist with Tony and Emmy awards who’ll be forever enshrined

Martin Luther King Jr. & Anne Frank: Contemporaries with a Common Legacy

By Nancy Churnin. The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. would have turned 90 on Jan. 15. What would he think of what we’ve done with his message of love and hope? As we celebrate King’s birthday with a national holiday, we often hear him referred to as a black leader, or a Baptist leader. But

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