Chicken Piccata

Created By: Chef Rebecka Evans | Photo By: Rebecka Evans ~ Enjoy these delicious Italian fried chicken cutlets braised in butter, capers, white wine, and lemon sauce. Serve with your favorite pasta for a hearty and filling meal! CHICKEN PICCATA Prep Time: 5 minutes | Cook Time: 20 minutes | Total Time:

Grilled Salmon Salad Is a Heart-Healthy Dinner in 20 Minutes

Enjoy a heart-healthy meal with this quick, delicious grilled salmon salad Created By Chef Rebecka Evans | Photos by Rebecka Evans ~ This salad is loaded with vitamins and nutrients derived from raw fennel and jicama. In addition to the “anise-like” flavor of fennel, often described as a less intense

Try this Delicious and Simple Asparagus Tomato Tart

By Chef Rebecka Evans | Photo by Rebecka Evans~ Asparagus tomato tarts are one of my go-to offerings for family gatherings. This particular recipe has thousands of applications, from savory to sweet, making this dish a real showstopper. The key to making this pastry tart sing with flavor is a high-quality

A New Recipe from Chef Rebecka Each Month

By Heidi Frankel | Photo by Kim Leeson Please give Rebecka Evans a warm welcome to the fyi50+ family. Each issue, she will contribute a delicious recipe for you and your family to enjoy. Chef Rebecka is an award-winning competitive home cook, food blogger, and recipe developer/photographer. She was

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