The Buzz About World Bee Day

Celebrate and protect these hard working pollinators By Sharon Kurtz ~ We often take nature for granted. We don’t think about the pivotal role that all of life’s creatures play. However, World Honey Bee Day gives you the perfect opportunity to celebrate and honor the incredible honey bee.

Celebrate National Wine Day

By Sharon Kurtz ~ You don’t need a holiday to celebrate a good bottle of wine. Still, today we have one: National Wine Day, celebrated annually on May 25, when wine enthusiasts unite to celebrate our favorite fermented fruit juice. Whether you host a wine tasting at your place or meet friends for

Three Dallas Food Artisans to Know and Love

By Sharon Kurtz~ The term “artisan” has become the latest buzzword for anything craft-related, with little to distinguish a superficial label from the real deal. Consumers tend to think of artisan foods as authentic, made by real people using specialized ingredients and produced locally in small

World Food Day 2020

A day to reflect and help By Sharon Kurtz~ Food is a fundamental human right. And yet, one in nine people around the world experience chronic hunger.  World Food Day 2020 celebrates food heroes — notably farmers and other food system workers — who ensure access to food, even through unprecedented

Grandparents Play an Irreplaceable Role in Our Lives and Our Hearts

Grandparents hold our tiny hands for just a little while, but our hearts forever By Sharon Kurtz~ Grandparents Day falls on Sunday, September 13, and celebrates the connections between the generations. The role grandparents play in the lives of young children is essential. Even as adults, we remember

What’s All the Buzz About Bees?

These Fascinating Creatures Are Un-‘Bee’-lieveable By Sharon Kurtz ~ Have you ever had the opportunity to observe a honeybee’s busy work as it meanders from flower to flower on a cloudless, summer’s day? Honeybees are known for their honey and beeswax production, as well as the significant role

Take Time to Celebrate Our Furry Friends

By Sharon Kurtz ~ “Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them and filling the emptiness we didn’t ever know we had.”  Author Thom Jones Our dogs have always been our best friends, loyal companions, and, most importantly, part of our family. So why not celebrate them? It is a great reason

Senior Citizens Day

Senior Citizens Day

The Perfect Opportunity to Celebrate Life, Young and Old By Sharon Kurtz ~ Do you have an older adult in your life you love and appreciate? National Senior Citizens Day, on August 21, is a day to recognize the contributions older people have made and continue to make in our society. Seniors are still

Celebrating the Abundance of the Season

Celebrating the Abundance of the Season

By Sharon Kurtz | Photos by Sharon Kurtz  ~ Don’t you love summer?  When the Texas heat is in full swing, that’s when our gardens and farmers’ markets are chock-full of flavorful produce choices.  As soon as the first good tomatoes appear, I snatch them up. I buy fresh basil and

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