Yoga for Shoulder Mobility

Relax Your Pecs to Make Everyday Tasks Easier By: Tiffany Lord | Yoga poses demonstrated by Tiffany Lord Have you ever carried heavy grocery bags and felt it shouldn’t be that hard to lift them onto the counter? Are you feeling the soreness from pulling weeds in the yard or moving around the planters?

A Woman in Bed Setting Intentions for the Day

Setting Your Intentions for the Day

3 Ways to Create a More Intentional Day Before You Get Out of Bed By Tiffany Lord ~ Do you ever feel like your day is half over by the time you wake up? Maybe you had grand plans to do laundry or read a book, but suddenly it’s 5 PM and you’ve barely begun.

Six Yoga Poses to Release Excess Energy & Focus Your Mind

By Tiffany Lord~ Feeling scattered with big plans and projects? It’s natural to emerge from the hibernation of winter with excitement about the coming seasons, but jumping right on the spring-cleaning train can leave us feeling overwhelmed with to-do lists and excess energy to burn. My yoga sequence

Creating Mindful Habits in Less Than 5 Minutes a Day

By Tiffany Lord~ Do you crawl into bed at night wondering where the day went or how you spent your time? Have you arrived in your driveway only to realize you don’t actually remember most of the drive home? Without being aware – or mindful – it’s easy to end up surprised at how much

Celebrate a Socially Distanced Holiday

By Tiffany Lord~ From sparkling decorations to the delicious smells of cookies fresh out of the oven, the holiday season is a time to reflect and celebrate — ideally, with friends and family. But with the onset of COVID-19, many people can’t travel or see loved ones, especially with the onset of

Mindful Meals in Three Steps

By Tiffany Lord, RYT ~ Have you ever sat down to dinner, turned on the TV, and realized you finished eating without even thinking about your food? You are not alone. As a self-proclaimed foodie, I want better for you than this. I hope you savor every bite — and nourish your body and your

Image for Journaling Ideas for Stress

Journaling Ideas for Stress

By Tiffany Lord, RYT ~ Stressed or overwhelmed? Putting your feelings on paper can help shift your mood. Journaling is the adult version of writing in a diary. It’s an entirely personal practice, and your journal entries can be about anything. However, real change and awareness can only come when

Three Tips for More Calm & Connection During Sheltering at Home

By Tiffany Lord, RYT ~ Hanging out at home may seem like an easy task, but sheltering in place can cause anxiety and stress for many of us. Do you want to let go of your stress, but don’t know where to start? I’m here for you! Below are my top 3 tips to ease

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