Book Review: “The Rose Table” by Katie-Rose Watson

By Marlene Caraballo
January 3, 2022

It was perfect timing to receive this very special cookbook, The Rose Table by Katie-Rose Watson, just a few days before Thanksgiving. Everything about this cookbook is delicious — from the photographs to the elegant layout to the scrumptious recipes!

Every recipe in this cookbook is one I will try. They’re almost all simple to make, using ingredients most of us already have in our fridge or pantry.

I made the Bacon Spinach Dip and the Greek Baked Chicken, the first day I opened up the book! Both tasted even better than the enticing pictures made them seem.

Even Watson’s Best Ever Banana Bread outdid mine, which my family has loved for years!

I love how the recipes are elegant but also work for everyday meals.

My hands-down favorite thing about The Rose Table are Watson’s personal notes beneath each recipe. She provides tips and personal anecdotes that made me feel her warmth and down-to-earth charm. It was like having one of my best girlfriends in the kitchen with me prepping the meal.

This gorgeous cookbook would make a fabulous gift for anyone for any occasion, especially those who enjoy easy, tasty food.

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