Finding Breathing Bliss Through Tai Chi

Bliss is known as the alpha brain state in which our electrical impulses that flow from neuron to neuron signal the brain to idle…be calm…move into deeper and deeper relaxation while being awake. In this idle state, reasons to think and deliberate are delightfully out of reach. In this silence, you take a vacation from complexity. The edge of yourself disappears, and instead of reaching for peace, you discover peace IS you.

When bliss reaches your body, the autonomic nervous system is activated, slowing the heart rate and blood pressure, optimizing the delivery of oxygen and nutrition to the tissues. Bliss alters our neurochemistry accelerating the inner healing functions of the immune, digestive this because we have an oxygenated body. Breathing bliss coordinates the left and right hemispheres of the brain, promoting deeper sleep, less anxiety and depression, and increased mental clarity.

Furthermore, breathing bliss can also be achieved during meditation and mindfulness practices. And yet the gentle meditative movement experienced during Tai Chi tends to deepen, expand and anchor the state of bliss in mind and the body. The heart instead of the brain, in Chinese medicine, directs our body’s coherent state and is nourished supremely by the steady, slow, deep rhythmic breathing of Tai Chi. In a state of bliss, we are more connected to life, ourselves, and all beings around us.

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