Bullion To-Go Makes Life Golden in Dallas

Enjoy the experience of a great French brasserie in your own dining room with Bullion To-Go — without ever having to leave your couch!
Bullion To-Go delivers homestyle, chef-driven French specialties like escargot ravioli, wild mushroom agnolotti, house-made pesto, caviar, a selection of French cheeses, or chocolate souffle straight to your door. Your order will arrive wrapped and organized with top-quality attention and care. I was amazed to find such a detailed collection of French food at very reasonable prices!


My husband and I ordered the Wagyu Burger Meal Kit. This kit feeds four and includes two pounds of locally sourced Wagyu ground beef, a quart of potato salad, and seasoned corn with butter. All the necessary accouterments —garlic aioli, lettuce, tomatoes, and four brioche buns — were also included.
In addition, we ordered the rich and creamy bacon, spinach, and gruyere cheese quiche. We chose hummus and pita bread for our appetizer, and selected a six-bottle wine package and a pound of Eiland Ethiopian coffee — all for curbside pick-up.
For dessert, I’d recommend adding Bullion’s Chocolate Souffle Kit (with step-by-step video instructions by pastry chef Ricchi Sanchez), a half dozen chocolate ganache cupcakes with preserved Ecuadorian roses, and crème fraîche to top fresh fruit.
To start your order, simply go to Bullion To-Go’s website and click on the Start Ordering tab. Select Pick-up or Delivery, and choose a day and time. The restaurant is located at 400 South Record downtown, catty-cornered from the Dallas Morning News Building.
There are plenty of two, four, or six-person meal kits to choose from in addition to the Wagyu Burger, including Chicken Kabob, Ribeye Kabob, Beef Tenderloin, or Crunchy Chickpea Tabbouleh.
Classic and ready-to-drink cocktails are also available alongside a selection of bottled beer and French wine packages.

Charcuterie Board

Bullion To-Go also sells a variety of other French fixings, from charcuterie boards and caviar to fois gras and sauces. You can order a special cut of meat from the butcher, along with spice rubs for poultry, beef, or pork. Then there are the dessert options — and not just the chocolate souffle kit!
There’s also a Cream Puff Kit and even ready-to-bake cookies.
On top of all this, Bullion sells grocery items like fresh fruit, juices, vegetables, organic pasture-raised eggs, and five types of mushrooms. They even host events such as virtual wine tastings with their sommelier team, which offers a sampling of four wines delivered the day of the event.
So keep an eye on the Bullion To-Go website for new products and other curated experiences like virtual cooking classes and beverage demonstrations. You’ll love the feel of having a great French brasserie right in your own home!

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