Keep Politics from Ruining Relationships

It’s Not the Content, It’s the Delivery By: Noreen Kompanik President Jimmy Carter once said, “The bond of our common humanity is stronger than the divisiveness of our fears and prejudices.” Today, more than ever, political differences and beliefs are so intense they threaten the core of our relationships. We’ve all experienced the pain of

What makes someone a good person?

What Makes Someone a Good Person?

By: DeLila Bergan | JD, MA, HEC-C We all have people we respect, and one of the most profound compliments we can give is to say someone is a good person. But what makes their actions, intentions, and, ultimately, the person “good” in our view? Can Someone Be “Good” Even If They Don’t Share the

What Makes Us Laugh?

The History — and Medical Benefits — of Laughter By: Kimberly Blaker | Photo by: Juan Garcia Whether you guffaw, chuckle, chortle, cackle, roar, howl, or giggle, people all around the world share the ability to laugh. Everyone has something that tickles their funny bone, even if it’s not tickling. Though jokes and comedy may

Share the Lost Art of Handwritten Letters with Your Grandchildren

By Jana J. Pruet ~ I was looking through some old family photos and came across a box of letters from my grandmother. My Grandma was very special to me, and these letters hold precious memories. One by one, I pulled each letter out of its envelope and read her handwritten words. Some letters were

A Prayer for 2021

By DeLila Bergan, JD, MA, HEC-C ~ It’s been a long year, hasn’t it? Many of us were isolated from family members, colleagues, classmates, neighbors, and friends. We lost loved ones to the dangerous virus that threatens us all. Meanwhile, others spent far too much time at work fighting to save those of us suffering

Networking for the 50+

By Nickquolette Barrett~ You may not believe it, but you have a robust network within reach: Your friends, neighbors, the mother you used to be on the PTA with — the guy you see at the grocery store. You may not see this as a network, but indeed it is. Many people know someone who

American Cancer Society National Daffodil Days

A Symbol of Hope and Resilience By Sharon Kurtz~ Daffodil Days raises awareness for cancer using this cheerful symbol. Cancer kills more than 600,000 Americans each year and affects countless lives. Since the 1950s, the daffodil has served as a symbol of hope and resilience in the face of cancer. The bright flower represents the

Zoom (Politely) with Friends and Family

A Short and Easy Guide to Zoom Etiquette By Allie Scully~ By now, many people are sick of Zoom. The novelty of virtual happy hours expired long ago. It’s no longer fun to drink a bottle of wine alone with faces on screen, or to try to convince everyone to wear headphones while watching a

Beware of Disaster Scams!

By Heather McKinney~ Winter Storm Uri struck Texas in February, causing apocalyptic-level problems for Texans across the state. Seniors have been hit especially hard, left in some instances for multiple days and weeks without access to water or power. The snow and ensuing energy crisis were dangerous enough, but now fraudsters are using the disaster

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