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Norm & Donovan

Respect, Caring, and a Whole Lot of Sports Knowledge By: Leslie Barker Tune into the “Norm & D Invasion” on The Ticket radio between 10 a.m. and noon, Monday through Friday, and you’ll hear a lot of sports knowledge, a lot of mirth, a lot of observations, and a lot of opinions. Which sounds like

Trisha Cunningham, CEO of North Texas Food Bank

North Texas Food Bank CEO Trisha Cunningham

On Giving Hope Through Food By Leslie Barker | Photos by Kim Leeson~ Trisha Cunningham knows how she does her job determines whether people will eat dinner tonight. “That’s the weight on our shoulders, why we’re driven to do what we do,” she said. “If we don’t execute it properly, people will go hungry.” Trisha

Don Wakamatsu

It’s All About Spreading the Love By Leslie Barker | Photos by Kim Leeson~ Don Wakamatsu used to live for baseball. The game has been his career, his livelihood, his passion. He’s played it, he’s scouted for it, he’s managed teams, and he’s coached them — which he still does, right now, as bench coach

Chefs Rebecka Evans, Kent Rathbun, and Adrian Cruz

World Class Texas Chefs

Rebecka Evans, Kent Rathbun, and Adrian Cruz By Leslie Barker | Photos by Kim Leeson ~ Maybe you’re a foodie and you pride yourself in making multi-course meals in your gourmet kitchen and serving them by candlelight. Or maybe, for you, “multi-course” means pouring a can of tomato soup into a microwaveable bowl and chasing

Rebecca Winn—The Writer in Her Garden

By Leslie Barker | Photos by Kim Leeson ~ If you’re dealing with heartache, Rebecca Winn knows how to ease the pain. If you’re worried about the pandemic that seems never-ending, Rebecca Winn knows where to look for peace. If you’re wondering what role you have in this world, Rebecca Winn can help you unearth

Mandy Patinkin: My Life is All About Connecting

By Nancy Churnin | Above photo by J Altman Beard | Mandy Patinkin may be the most famous person you’ll meet who doesn’t think of himself as a celebrity. Sure, he’s a wildly successful and acclaimed Broadway, television and recording artist with Tony and Emmy awards who’ll be forever enshrined in film as Avigdor in Yentl

Donna Collins: The Magic Behind The Jelly Queens

By Leslie Barker | Photos by Kim Leeson | Before we introduce you to Donna Collins, we’d like to ask you to close your eyes and visualize one word: Jelly. Where in your childhood did that 5-letter encapsulation of love and yum take you? Maybe to grape jelly spread on a piece of toast by

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